Tesco reported to watchdog over ‘grossly misleading’ claim that buying milk helps cows

Thousands object to supermarket giant’s slogan, saying taking calves from mothers is cruel

The Tesco signs that caused upset

SHOPPERS concerned about animal welfare are fighting Tesco over advertising that claims every pint of milk bought helps care for dairy cows.

More than 7,000 people have signed a petition calling on Britain’s biggest supermarket to drop the in-store signs, saying they are misleading because the chain does nothing out of the ordinary to aid cow welfare.

And campaigners have reported Tesco to the Advertising Standards Authority, saying the slogan “seeks to create an image of Tesco dairy products that simply doesn’t reflect reality”. Continue reading


Plan for UK’s largest factory farm, housing 30,000 pigs, raises a stink

Thousands of opponents fear giant scheme will harm human and animal health and open the doors to industrial-scale animal farming

Pig farm 1

Mega-farms for pigs increase the risks of disease spreading, residents claim

PLANS for the largest factory farm in the UK are coming under intense scrutiny, after hundreds of people objected to a new development to house 30,000 pigs.

Campaigners and residents living near the giant project, in Northern Ireland, fear it will be a serious risk to human and animal wellbeing, damage the environment and make their lives a misery. They say the County Antrim scheme would set a “dangerous” precedent for industrial-scale animal farming in the UK.

Earlier this year, proposals for a mega-pig farm – for 25,000 animals – at Foston in Derbyshire were withdrawn after local people and charities staged a high-profile battle. The Antrim proposals are on a bigger scale, covering 24 acres – making it the largest ever intensive factory farm in the UK. Continue reading

Dogs are not the only animals suffering

THE fact that more than £1.3m has been raised for Manchester Dogs Home after a devastating fire is a touching illustration of the profound goodness of the British people.

What the dogs went through – whether they survived or not – was horrendous, and the outpouring of grief and pity for them that was channelled into donations not just of money but also of dog food, toys and blankets, was remarkable. Continue reading