Annual dolphin hunt at Taiji: open letter to the prime minister of Japan

Dolphins swimming

Dolphins belong in the oceans. Image: Gavin Harrison

THOUSANDS of people worldwide joined mass protests outside Japanese embassies at the beginning of September to object to the start of the “killing season” for dolphins off the country’s coast. As they did so, one of the world’s leading activists against the annual dolphin “drives”, Ric O’Barry, was arrested, causing uproar among supporters.

It was the latest symptom of repeated clashes between Japanese authorities and demonstrators trying to disrupt the hunting at Taiji cove, now infamous for its annual killings. Continue reading


End the bloody slaughter at sea

JAPAN’S shame – the slaughter for at least half the year of beautiful, intelligent, trusting dolphins – was brought to the world’s attention in 2009, when the film The Cove won the Oscar for Best Documentary. Since then, outrage about this evil, primeval and brutal practice has grown. This year, in particular, thanks largely to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and its Cove Guardians, more campaigners than ever have become involved. Continue reading