EU accused of endorsing “barbaric, illegal” no-stun slaughter of its own animals

Cow and calf

Sentient and sensitive cattle are being exported across Europe

ANIMALS born and reared in Europe are being exported to Gaza for slaughter in ways so horrific it would be illegal at home, a major investigation has shown.

Tens of thousands of cattle are having their throats slit – as though they were sacks of flour – while fully conscious, according to investigators. The animals, in agony and fighting to remain conscious, then slowly bleed to death.

Observers from British charity Compassion in World Farming tracked cattle from Hungary, Romania and other Eastern European countries that were transported across the continent, only to be killed by “barbaric, inhumane and agonising” no-stun deaths.

The shocking discoveries were at Gazan slaughterhouses, where the killings happened “in utter chaos”, using no-stun methods, often with blunt knives, and in conditions that would be illegal in Europe.

EU officials, who are aware of the practices, are accused of effectively endorsing them, through knowing about it yet failing to intervene. Read full story


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