‘Watch what you eat – it’s driving elephants, jaguar, bees and bison to extinction’

New book claims modern diets to blame for disappearance of Earth’s species as farmers lobby to use toxic herbicide


JUST about every meal people eat is contributing to an alarming decline in the world’s wildlife species, experts have warned.

The claim comes in a new book, backed by Absolutely Fabulous star Joanna Lumley, that predicts two-thirds of species will be extinct within three years thanks to modern farming.

British farmers are lobbying to be allowed to continue using herbicides suspected of being linked to cancer, but have dismissed concerns that they are contributing to the worldwide crisis. Continue reading


A drama is on its way, promise…

Book review: ‘Canada’ by Richard Ford

THE best novels use a well-judged balance of drama, characterisation, background, psychology, setting, pace, tension, emotion and conflict. If one or more of those elements is missing, the result leaves the reader uneasy or disappointed.

When Canada was published, it was widely lauded by critics, who hailed it a modern-day coming-of-age novel. Certainly, it is unformulaic.

Indeed, if psychological analysis rather than story is your thing, this is the novel for you. From the very opening, Richard Ford flags up the significant events in the life of Dell, the narrator, (the bank robbery and murder of two men). So the surprise element is removed, and with it, the suspense and tension. Continue reading