Chick or tweet: the birds we are honoured with

TWO years ago, I started keeping occasional notes on the birds we saw in our garden. I don’t claim to be anything but a complete amateur in bird-watching or that my records are comprehensive. But they are a snapshot of the wonderful, soul-enriching observations of life that is, thankfully, still hanging on in our ever-shrinking green corners and hedgerows. Our garden is only a modest one, in a medium-sized town, but I am still impressed by the life cycles it harbours.

I dedicate this post to builders across Britain of housing estates, trunk roads and airport runways, pro-HS2 campaigners, office block developers, concrete layers, Natural England – which wants to allow the annihilation of robins’, pied wagtails’ and starlings’ nests and eggs – and all other determined destroyers of hedgerows and wildlife habitats. Continue reading