Yeo must quit over Heathrow

HOW APT that on the day that Tim Yeo campaigns for a third Heathrow runway, American scientists revealed that the Arctic ice has shrunk to its smallest size ever.

Because Mr Yeo should take careful note of the experts’ warnings, and compare and contrast them with what he is doing for the future of the world and its populations.

In putting on pressure for more – not fewer – flights in the world, he is signalling his own determination to see the planet’s destruction. Will he be happy when the world’s remaining polar bears have been driven to extinction by the shrinkage and eventual loss of their natural habitat? Will he be happy when the rising seas have swallowed up vulnerable islands in the Pacific and Caribbean? Will he be happy when droughts and flooding have brought the world’s food supply shortages to crisis point? Is that when the crisis has started to cause mass migration from Africa and the Middle East to northern Europe?

At what point on the path of the perpetual erosion of Britain’s coastline will he be satisfied? Will he be happy when the seasons’ freakish switches have performed full about-turns? How many more thousands of people’s lives must be turned to misery when their homes are flooded to satisfy Mr Yeo?

And will he be happy when crocuses and daffodils bloom before Christmas, only to wither in a rogue January cold snap? Will he be satisfied when chicks hatch in December, perishing before maturity because spring has turned into autumn? How about when there are no more birds in the trees, no more butterflies in the bushes?

But at least Britain will have the great comfort of extra trade with China.

Mr Yeo must resign as chairman of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee.

David Cameron will be a mouse if he gives in to short-sighted lobbyists who embrace all that climate change brings. He will be a man if he stands up to them, and stands up for the battered environment.



2 thoughts on “Yeo must quit over Heathrow

  1. Reblogged this on Green Living London and commented:
    This passionate blog about the environmental threats of a third Heathrow runway caught my eye yesterday. Tim Yeo, who is a former environment minister, used to be opposed to the expansion of Heathrow, but now says the environmental objections to it are disappearing.


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